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Your Gateway to Puerto Rico's Economic Incentives! As a forward-looking firm from the very beginning, Bonn LLC was founded as an alternative to business as usual. We consistently think outside the box and strive to be different, embracing a vision that drives us to explore innovative solutions for our clients. Our secret to success lies in our forward-thinking vision, combined with efficiency and precision in every aspect of our services.



Bonn LLC was established with a distinct vision, offering an unconventional approach to business. Our primary goal was to emerge as a top tax specialist and accounting firm in Puerto Rico. To achieve this, we understood the significance of collaborating closely with our clients, delivering intelligent, budget-friendly, and business-minded solutions and guidance. Our clientele is diverse, ranging from local entrepreneurs to multinational corporations that excel in technology, software development, consultancy, law, finance, and various other fields. We share their commitment to constant improvement and innovation, making us a like-minded partner in their journey towards success.

Practice Area/Services

Bonn LLC is a comprehensive tax and accounting consulting firm dedicated to facilitating its clients’ seamless entry into Puerto Rico’s diverse economic incentives programs. With a tailor-made approach, we offer an extensive array of services, including:

Thorough pre-move tax analysis for your business, encompassing Federal, State, and Puerto Rico income aspects.

Expert guidance and assessment of potential tax benefits under Act #60, Act #20 & Act #22.

Identification of additional Puerto Rico tax exemption and tax credit programs that can be combined with Act #60, Act #20 & Act #22.

  • Skillful negotiation of Act #60, Act #20 & Act #22 tax exemption grants.
  • Expert structuring of business operations and investments to optimize tax benefits under Act #60 & Act #20.
  • Organization of Act #60 & Act #20 companies to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • Corporate Structuring assistance.
  • Liaison Services to facilitate smooth operations.
  • Strategic Partnerships to foster growth and success.
  • Efficient Entity Formations.
  • Skillful negotiation of tax exemption decrees.
  • Preparation and submission of necessary tax exemption applications.
  • Reliable accounting services.
  • Evaluation of compliance with Puerto Rico residency requirements under the Federal tax code.

Why Choose Us?

At Bonn LLC, our forward-thinking vision powers our pursuit of excellence. We believe in the power of innovation and are committed to providing you with top-notch services, guiding you at every step to unlock the full potential of Puerto Rico’s economic incentives. Join us, and let our efficiency, precision, and innovation propel your business towards a prosperous future in Puerto Rico!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Want to give a shout out to Amervim Bonano for taking my call today to answer questions and help me understand what to expect with all this 20/22 paperwork. I'm a newbie and wanted to verify some things, he had no problem helping out. Highly recommend him and really appreciate the time he took to answer everything
R. Stefanski
We just got off a call with Amervim Bonano who we met in this group. He was very helpful in answering all of our questions about structuring our businesses and making the transition, so thank you to the group for connecting us and thank you Amervim for your help!
C. Macres
Time to party Puerto Rican style. Act 20 Grant is approved!!! Many thanks to Amervim Bonano, he made this process very, very easy! Highly recommend!
R. Smith:

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